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Why a training portal specifically for privacy?

That’s easy: As a privacy officer, I often encounter issues I do not know how to proceed with.

What is lawful? What is not? What is possible? What isn’t? Are you allowed to do this or that in a certain situation or not? And if not, then what?

The portal is geared towards everyone, whether in companies, clinics, medical practices. You will find the appropriate and relevant answers to your questions here.

For My Existing Customers

For my existing customers, I offer a platform here that allows them to access relevant topics at any time.

Mentor Program For Privacy Officers

As a privacy officer you are often confronted with questions that you need an answer to quickly. In your portal you will find everything that is relevant and more.

Expertise For Privacy Officers Including Examination

Qualified training as privacy officer is more important than ever since the DSGVO is here.

Privacy Training For Employees - In Just 60 Minutes

Ultimately, you have to implement data protection. This could often lead you to questions that have to be answered – quickly and easily. You can watch the individual lessons whenever you want.

Your Personal Privacy Training Portal

- No Matter Where You Work.

All relevant content for you, always at hand

There’s nothing more annoying than surfing the internet for hours to find relevant content. In your portal you will find everything you need. The content is constantly expanding.

Happy Hour once a month

You submit your questions from everyday life, I answer them in a one-hour happy hour. The contents are recorded and made available as an anonymized audio file.

Templates and examples

In “Templates” you will find ones that you can use immediately. If there are recent adjudications or publications that require an adjustmenr, they are adapted.

Always up to date

New adjudications? New privacy policy? New templates for daily work? Here you will find all of it.

Access to webinars

Join live webinars and study that way. All recorded webinars are always accessible to you.


No more long searches for definitions. Here, you can find everything in one place. Whether you are looking for a specific article from the DSGVO or explanations.