DSGVO training for employees

The DSGVO training for employees!

The learning portal for employees – everything about data protection and data security

2 modules, 10 lessons, approx. 1 hour. Short, concise and practical.

Your personal data protection learning portal. Just do your employee training whenever and wherever you want.

Dear employees of companies, practices, hospitals…

As an employee, you are the one sitting at the forefront, which is why you have a high level of responsibility for data protection.

Who, if not you, must ultimately keep data protection running?

And who, if not you, must know what to do, e.g. if a person concerned sends an e-mail that he wants information about his data stored with you?

And then you are usually the one who first notices that “something went wrong”, e.g. you were hacked.

So does it make sense that you are trained? Yes!

In addition there are also still various articles in the DSGVO, from which one can derive also very well that these trainings are demanded.

In two modules you will learn what is important for you. Each module contains individual video lessons.

So you can decide for yourself which lesson fits into your workflow.

Once you have completed your training (and completed a small “check”), you will receive your legally compliant certificate of attendance by e-mail.

You can keep it for yourself and forward it to your boss (who also needs it as proof for supervisory authorities and data protection inspections).

You can find out what to expect here, how the whole thing works and so on in your portal and also a bit further down.

Welcome to our website!

2 modules, 10 lessons in short parts, about 1 hour. Short, concise and practical.

  • Practical video instructions
  • Access to the chat with me
  • Legally secure proof of participation

Relevant & Current

All important topics in practical videos

Every single lesson is a single video tutorial.

Decide for yourself which of them you have time for or which information you need.

Everything at your fingertips 24/7.

Get rid of questions via chat at any time

The chat window at the bottom right of the portal offers you the opportunity to get rid of questions quickly and easily. I try to keep imkernden Chat busy.

If this is not possible, then your question will be forwarded to me by mail.


No more searching for definitions. Find everything in one place. No matter whether you are looking for a specific article from the DSGVO or explanations.

Access to webinars

All recorded webinars are accessible to you at any time.

Access to podcasts

Privacy through the ear in the head.

Here you will find the latest news, interesting facts and curiosities on the subject of data protection. Ideal for on the go, when showering or cooking. …and so on.