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Learning & Certificate for professional knowledge as DSGVO Data Protection Officer

The learning portal for professional knowledge

Hello future colleagues!

Why a learning portal especially for the technical knowledge?

It’s simple: As a data protection officer, I always get to points where I don’t really know how to go on.

What else complies with the law? What not? What is possible? What is no longer possible?

Is it allowed to do this or that or not in a certain situation? And if not, what then?

The portal is aimed at all those who want to complete the technical course in a simple way and at a time that is (almost) unbound.

Translated with

  • 100% DSGVO-compliant
  • 100% BDSG (N.F.) – compliant
  • Learn in 8 weeks, when it suits you
  • Close companionship
  • Receive proof of qualification immediately
  • Practical video explanations
  • Many templates, directly usable
  • Self-check (accessible at any time)
  • Podcasts
  • …and so much more

Relevant & Current

All relevant content for you, at your fingertips at all times

Nothing is more annoying than surfing the Internet for hours to find relevant content.

In your portal you will find everything you need.

The content is constantly being expanded.

Monthly at least 1x The Happy Hour

You submit your questions from everyday life and your professional training, I answer them in a one hour Happy Hour at the most.

The contents will be recorded and made available as anonymous mp3 files.

Get rid of questions via chat at any time

The chat window at the bottom right of the portal offers you the opportunity to get rid of questions quickly and easily. I always try to keep the chat busy.

If this is not possible, then your question will be forwarded to me by mail.

Always up to date

New court rulings? New privacy policy? New templates for your daily work?

Here you will find everything.

Access to webinars

Take part in live webinars and educate yourself.

All recorded webinars are also accessible to you at any time.


No more searching for definitions. Find everything in one place. No matter whether you are looking for a specific article from the DSGVO or explanations.