Happy Hour

The Happy Hour

What's that?

The Happy Hour offers everyone the opportunity to get rid of their questions.

And these are then answered in the Happy Hour (1-2x/month, each 60 minutes) bundled.

The questions will of course be presented and answered anonymously by me. I record the whole thing as an audio file and make it available to the participants.

The idea is not only that I can answer everything “in one go” (okay, there are two), but that everyone who takes part also hears the questions of the others and also the answers.

So everyone can benefit from the questions of the others.

The audio track is then not only sent to everyone, but also prepared in the e-learning portal by text and placed in the wiki, so that everything is available there for looking up (applies only to members of this portal).

You can ask your questions directly here on the right.

You can register directly via the calendar on the right.

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