Mentor Program for Privacy Officers

Mentor Program for Privacy Officers

The learning portal for data protection officers –
everything about data protection and data security

Your Personal Mentor Program - Stay up to date and educate yourself. When and where you want.

Hello colleagues!

Why do I offer a learning portal for data protection officers?

Especially in the times of the EU-DSGVO (European Data Protection Basic Regulation) it is often the case in our everyday life that a lot is still unclear:

There is often a lack of clear jurisprudence on which one can orientate oneself, the DSGVO itself is also not yet really 1:1 in our heads, and so on.

Especially in everyday life as internal or external data protection officers, we repeatedly reach the limits of our knowledge and have to decide or advise what is the best way to be data protection-compliant.

This is exactly where this portal comes in:

Here you will be regularly informed about new court decisions, about recommendations of the supervisory authorities, about fines, etc. All this in connection with the question: “And what does this mean in practice? How can/must I now implement this as data protection officer or what can I recommend with a clear conscience?

This portal is actually intended as a “mentor portal”. There are numerous sources that you can “tap” and that support you in your tasks as a data protection officer:

  • Participation in live webinars
  • Access to all templates
  • Access to the Wiki
  • Access to the chat with me
  • Practical video instructions
  • Participation in the Happy Hour (What this is: see below)
  • Access to recorded webinars
  • Access to podcasts

Relevant & Current

All relevant content for you, at your fingertips at all times

Nothing is more annoying than surfing the Internet for hours to find relevant content.

In your portal you will find everything you need.

The content is constantly being expanded.

At least 1x a month the Happy Hour

You submit your questions from everyday life, I answer them in a Happy Hour of a maximum of one hour.

The content is recorded and made available as an anonymous mp3 file.

Get rid of questions via chat at any time

The chat window at the bottom right of the portal offers you the opportunity to get rid of questions quickly and easily. I try to keep imkernden Chat busy.

If this is not possible, then your question will be forwarded to me by mail.

Always up to date

New court rulings? New privacy policy? New templates for your daily work?

Here you will find everything.

Access to webinars

Take part in live webinars and educate yourself.

All recorded webinars are accessible to you at any time.


No more searching for definitions. Find everything in one place. No matter whether you are looking for a specific article from the DSGVO or explanations.