About Mike Peter

Get to know me a little.

My name is Mike Peter. I have been working in data protection consulting and as an external data protection officer for many years and am an expert for data protection.

I prefer individual advice rather than standard advice.
In addition to that I’m not exactly the one who shows up in a suit. To be honest, not at all.
Many of my customers come to me and stay – which makes me very happy. I think that a long-term and open cooperation can develop in which everyone can say what they want to say. I am in favour of uncomplicated but binding cooperation.

And I have ideas that repeatedly bring me to the hurdles of data protection – the best prerequisite for consulting “off the street”.

If you still want to contact me, you can do so here or via Xing or Linkedin. I have turned my back on Facebook, so you are looking in vain for me there.

You can also simply contact me, because you have a short question about data protection. I try to answer them all and if it remains manageable, then the whole thing runs without obligation for you.

I am looking forward to you